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          BULL-L系列 四連桿澆注機
          BULL-H系列 智能噴霧機
          BULL-P系列 直立旋轉噴霧機...
          BULL-J(H)系列 取件機
          BULL-ZL系列 重力鑄造澆注...
          BULL-AP系列 混合液自動配...
          BULL-E系列 混合液自動配比...
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          Shanghai Hua Li Hua Li's Shanghai Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing as one of the high-tech enterprises. Specializing in electrical drag, run control, digital control systems (AC and DC Servo, CNC CNC, programmable controllers PLC, MCU) and other industrial automation products, integration, development and application. The company has independent intellectual property rights of industrial automation and control technology, to quickly provide customers with personalized solutions for the main business model, business value and customer value and grow together.
          To follow the market development needs, the company was established in 1999 in Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Holley focus on die casting machine automatic peripheral equipment and die casting machine control system, as well as die-casting machine performance test systems. The company has a license patents, the outcome of the completion of a number of Shanghai Science and Technology Award.
        The company has an excellent R & D team and an experienced customer service team. Over the years has been enjoying a reputation in the industry.
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